How to Maximize Efficiencies with your Fireplace

Your chimney offers a warm and inviting ambiance for you, your family and your guests. And with proper maintenance and upkeep, your fireplace will operate efficiently for years, providing warmth and potentially offsetting your high winter heating bills.

Whether in Saratoga Springs, Queensbury, Clifton Park, Albany, Schenectady or any of the surrounding areas, proper maintenance will help reduce fireplace repairs that could cost you big in the future.

The Internet offers a variety of fireplace tips from a variety of different sources. And because not all sources online are reliable, we’ve identified tips to help you maximize the efficiencies while using a fireplace. We have even offered ways to upgrade your fireplace!

If you’re wondering how to save money around the house, these fireplace tips will help you keep your house warm while reducing your energy bills:

Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans to help circulate the warm air created by the fireplace. Modern fans have an option to spin in a direction that helps push warm air down and circulate throughout the space. This will help the entire room feel warm, not just the area immediately in front of the fireplace.

Check That Fireplace Damper

Make sure the fireplace damper is closed when not using a fireplace and make sure the seals are tight. An energy top seal damper is certainly the best way to keep the heat in your home. This will help prevent cold air from seeping into the living space and warm air from escaping out your chimney. Customers who switch to a top seal gasket damper often save 10% on their heating bill!

Tempered Glass Doors

Install tempered glass doors and an air-exchange system to your fireplace. The glass door will help keep family and friends safe from flying embers, while the air-exchange system will push the warm air through the living space.

High Efficiency Inserts

Upgrade to a high efficient wood or gas insert. This will provide you will a 60-75% increase in efficiency and heat. They also come in modern and traditional styles which are beautiful to gather the family around. Wood and gas hearth experts are always available to assist you in choosing the right unit for you and your family.

To help save money with your fireplace, get your chimney thoroughly cleaned and inspected at least once a year. Even if you don’t often use the fireplace, a cleaning and inspection will ensure an efficient burn and will identify any necessary repairs or hidden dangers.

At Chimney Heroes, we have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney, whether in Glens Falls, Ballston Spa, Corinth, or Gansevoort. In addition to cleaning and inspecting your chimney, we offer other services and fireplace tips to help you get the most out of your system. For more fireplace tips or other ways on how to save money around the house with your fireplace, contact us today.