A warm fireplace can make chilly winter nights cozier and more bearable, but they aren’t needed as much during summer. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore a fireplace during the off-season. You can do many things to ensure it’s kept in good condition. Here are four things you should put on a summer fireplace checklist.

Clean Your Chimney and Hearth

Don’t you want your fireplace to be as clean as it can be for the first snowfall? Now’s the time to prepare. However, it’s often an awfully dirty job. Without the right experience and equipment, homeowners can have a hard time cleaning their fireplace. That’s why calling certified chimney sweeps is the best way to get rid of all the ash and soot.

Depending on the region you live in, you may not use your fireplace during the summer months. This means, it may be an excellent time to call a professional chimney sweep to get an inspection and cleaning. Keep in mind that chimney sweeps are often busy throughout the year, so it’s best to make an appointment prior to the season you most often use your fireplace.

Have a Summer Fireplace Inspection

While everything may appear fine on the surface, there may be problems with your chimney or fireplace that you aren’t even aware of. Nobody wants to find out their fireplace needs maintenance or repairs, so don’t wait till winter for an inspection. Contacting a professional to inspect a fireplace in the summer will ensure there aren’t any potential hazards hiding away. In the event you do need fireplace repairs, then experts will be able to take care of it in time for when it’s needed.

Decorate Your Fireplace

Now that your fireplace is nice, clean, and free of problems, consider adding some decorations. Ornate fireplaces already serve as focal points for living rooms and bedrooms; why not make them even more beautiful? Mantels are the perfect place for photos of family and fresh flowers. If you don’t plan on having a fire, the hearth is an excellent location to put your botanical plants, mason jars, and other summer decorations.

Use It!

Some parts of the country can get cool on summer evenings. Don’t be afraid to use fireplaces in the summer months if you live in a location like that. Fires are a great place to gather with friends and family, tell stories, and relax after a long day. However, be wary of the temperature differences that change during night and day. When the afternoons are hot and the nights are not, it can cause the flue to draft air poorly and create odors you won’t want in the home.

With that in mind, fireplaces can also be a source of good scents as well. Lighting scented candles in the hearth is a wonderful way to create pleasant smells and cultivate an alluring atmosphere. Not to mention, they make fireplaces in summer glow beautifully.

If you’ve been looking for professional chimney sweeps to clean up and inspect a fireplace, you can count on us. Chimney Heroes can help out in a variety of ways, including our Albany chimney repair and gas stove cleaning services. For more information and to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.