When Should You Replace Your Chimney Liner?

a chimney liner coming out of a chimney

When you and your family enjoy a cold evening by the warm fireplace, the chimney liner works hard to keep you safe. Also known as flue lining, the chimney liner serves many important functions. From preventing harmful flue gasses from leaking into your home to protecting the chimney walls and masonry from corrosion, it helps in more ways than one. Unfortunately, despite their importance, they don’t last forever.

So how long do chimney liners last, and when should they be replaced? There are multiple factors that influence when homeowners should schedule a replacement, meaning that some will last longer than others. Let’s take a look at when it’s best to replace chimney liners and why.

How Long Do Chimney Liners Last?

The average lifespan of a chimney liner is around 15 to 20 years, meaning that if your home is roughly that age, you should look into scheduling a liner replacement. After two decades have passed, homeowners will most likely need to have their entire liner replaced to ensure it doesn’t become a fire risk.

However, knowing when to replace chimney liners isn’t always easy — it largely depends on the type of chimney liner. For example, while clay tile chimney liners are relatively inexpensive, they aren’t the best at absorbing heat and only last from 5 to 15 years. Meanwhile, stainless steel flue liners are much more durable and can last 15 to 25 years. It’s also worth noting that chimney liners of cheaper quality may need to be repaired or entirely replaced after five years, whereas quality liners can last much longer.

Additionally, a fireplace that is used more often can wear its liner away faster. If the chimney liner ever becomes damaged, it can worsen because of the intense heat of the fireplace and become a safety hazard. Plus, damaged liners can also experience condensation problems that accelerate corrosion, among other issues. By having an expert take a look during your annual chimney inspection, they’ll let you know when to replace your chimney liner.

Consider Replacing Your Liner After Moving Into a New Home

The new property you just purchased may not come with a new liner. If you recently acquired an old home with a fireplace, then there’s a possibility that it’s been neglected or hasn’t been maintained recently. Additionally, there’s also a chance the house may have a heavily deteriorated chimney liner or none at all, to begin with.

It can be incredibly difficult to determine when to replace chimney liners, which is why it’s best to call professionals for assistance after moving into a new home.

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