Saratoga, NY

Saratoga Springs is the birthplace of Chimney Heroes! When Jamie Wallace first began the business in 2009, the company was named Saratoga Chimney Sweep. It was the perfect community to grow our roots deep in, and develop a company our customers can trust and depend on.

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We have continued to grow and now serve a much larger community. We believe Chimney Heroes to be a name that defines what we do and offers our services to more people in need. Same company – different name!

Saratoga is the place to be!

With its rich history and culture there is simply so much to love. We are honored to continue serving this community and will always call it home.

Do you own a downtown Saratoga home?

There is nothing like the downtown homes. Many are magnificent works of art and bring that unique Saratoga charm to the community. We are proud to serve and maintain many of these chimneys that function for a furnace, boiler, stove or fireplace. What you may not know is that we receive many phone calls for blocked or plugged chimneys from downtown Saratoga. As you can imagine this creates a great risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. This happens because of the chimneys age, how they were built, or what fuel they now serve. Many of these chimneys do not have clay liners, which causes the actual bricks to deteriorate and fall into the chimney. Others that do have a clay tile liner are often so deteriorated that giant flakes and pieces of the flue collapse in on itself.

We can offer many options to restore your chimney. We can repair or replace the flue liner. We can install a gas or wood insert into the fireplace. We could completely rebuild the fireplace to make it wood burning once again. No matter the situation, we will always guide you in the direction that is in your best interest.

Do you own a gas fireplace?

Many of the neighborhoods in Saratoga county were built with gas fireplaces. Whether you love them or hate them, they are a combustion appliance and need to be serviced and inspected on a regular basis. We are certified experts at gas fireplace inspections, troubleshooting, and cleaning. We can also upgrade your gas fireplace to a more efficient unit and updated look!