Chimney Chase Covers & Caps

Do you go out in the rain with the top of your head exposed? The top of the chimney is the most exposed area and it needs the most protection!

Your factory built chimney will usually have a metal cover over the top where the chimney cap rests. This is commonly referred to as the chase cover, and is the chimney's only protection from water. If you have one, it is important to make sure it is not rusting, pooling water, or leaking.

Chase Covers

Chase covers are usually the first item needed to be replaced on factory built chimneys. Unfortunately building contractors often use cheap pieces of aluminum or galvanized metal, which have short life-spans. Signs that your cover needs replacing:

  • You see rust dripping down the exterior of your chimney chase
  • There are signs of rusting in your chimney system or fireplace
  • Your wooden chase shows signs of water or is beginning to rot

We only use custom-fit stainless steel chase covers with a lifetime warranty, and install them correctly.

Your chase cover is like a hat for your chimney.

Screened Caps

We offer stainless steel screened caps for masonry and metal chimneys.  All stainless steel models will not rust and come with lifetime guarantee.

A chimney cap will:

  • Extend life of chimney by keeping rain out of the flue
  • Help keep odor down from your fireplace during hot, damp weather
  • Prevent rust and deterioration of your damper door and firebox
  • Keep animals out
  • Discourage down-drafts
  • Capture sparks
Caps extend the life of your chimney

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