Spring clean your chimney now to avoid delays later

Spring is the best time to give your fireplace some attention and prepare it for next winter.

With warmer temperatures already taking hold — and even warmer temperatures on the way — it’s likely your fire-building days are over for another season.

Now, you can turn your attention to cleaning the fireplace and preparing it for next winter, including a thorough chimney cleaning and inspection. The work should be in your annual spring cleaning and beat the rush of those waiting until fall to get their fireplace and chimney cleaned.

Here are four reasons to hire a chimney cleaning service this spring, whether you reside in Glen Falls, Gansevoort, Corinth, or any of the surrounding areas:

  • Getting your chimney cleaned now means you won’t have to worry about it this summer when your time will be stretched thin with outdoor activities and planned vacations. Schedule your professional chimney cleaning now so you don’t have to worry about it for another year.

  • A thorough spring cleaning of your chimney will identify any damage your chimney sustained over the long, cold winter. The temperature difference between the cold outside and hot inside of the chimney wreaks havoc on the structure. An inspection now will mean any damage is fixed well in advance of the next fall and winter burning season.

  • If you have a masonry chimney, spring is the perfect time to consider waterproofing your chimney. This is a service that can easily be done at the time of your cleaning and will protect your chimney from its number one enemy, water!

  • A well-used fireplace and chimney in the winter can result in an unpleasant stench during the summer months, as the odor from the creosote in your chimney spills into your home in the hot summer sun. Avoid the foul smell by scheduling your chimney cleaning today.

  • Maybe you are ready for an upgrade. A gas fireplace or wood insert would be a warm addition and springtime is the best time for flexibility and price!

  • Lastly, by scheduling your cleaning in the spring, we’ll more likely be able to work within your schedule. As we get closers to fall, more customers want to have their chimney cleaned and filling our schedule. Schedule now to get your pick of the days and times you are available.

At Chimney Heroes, we work hard to ensure your chimney is clean, sound, and efficient. We have the experience and knowledge to service your chimney in Saratoga Springs, Queensbury, Ballston Spa and beyond.

Contact us today or call 518-243-8099 to schedule your chimney’s spring cleaning.